Wrapping up the year

I wait with anticipation as the plane lands and I celebrate with our girls by my side. I have made it on time ! He looks so tired and worn out after coming off night-shift and catching two planes home. I wonder how much longer we have being a FIFO family as his arms wrap around all three of us. This is what matters the most , this moment now is all any of us can count on and be present for. As the madness of Christmas approaches and people rush around filling their trolley with gifts and spending up big we are focusing on what is really important, spending time together.

There will be presents under the tree in our house but Christmas will be celebrated as a family on the 7th of January when we will gather together as one big noisy family. It will not matter what the date is or that everyone else celebrated their Christmas on the 25th of December. There will not be carolling like on the movies but I guarantee there will be jokes (although corny) , laughter and a visit to the beach.

Our daughters and I will start a new tradition of giving each other a handmade gift. We are also simplifying our day with a BBQ breakfast and our Christmas lunch will be out at a restaurant and followed by a visit to the beach.
The afternoon will be time for everyone to relax.

We will Miss having Mr T + T home on Christmas day and Santa will still make his arrival to our house on the 24th in the evening because although we save many special moments for our family time , life has to keep going and there is no pause button.


2016 came with a few bumps in the road
! This year has been challenging and my goals have shifted.
We started the year with a Three year old and I shared Signs you have a Threenager.

I didn’t always win favourite parent of the year with my School of hard knocks approach.

When the days were a little tough I always found my Instagram tribe to be uplifting and I had fun completing some style challenges this year. Here are my top 9.


What is your favourite thing to do at Christmas?

Jules x