Happier mealtimes

Going through the motions to get Miss Moo to try new foods or eat salad has been an ongoing battle. If it was pasta every night we would win . Fruit and veggies were fine as long as they were not mixed together. Reading her daily communication from daycare about what was consumed left us astounded and wondering what we were doing wrong. We needed to change things because bringing the daycare chef home to cook for us each night was not an option no matter how appealing it sounded.

I was more than a little excited to meet the lovely Simone from Play with Food and when she suggested a Skype session so she could observe Miss Moos interaction with food I instantly accepted.
We organised a lovely Skype session which felt more like a relaxed play date with food as Simone’s two daughters joined in the session as well from their home in Sydney with us in Western Australia. Simone had given me a list of foods to prepare and items to have ready before our Skype session.
I was concerned that Miss Moo would not join in because she had not met Simone but my concerns disappeared quickly and it was lovely to see her engaged. The most difficult part of the session was explaining to Simone’s daughters that we lived too far away to catch up in person.


We followed the Skype session with a phone discussion and feedback which gave me some guidance and tools to use along with the information from the Happy Meals eCourse. Our approach to food and mealtimes has changed a lot since making changes and even though our life is just as busy we notice the difference in Miss Moos approach to eating and dinner time is much more chilled.

If you are looking for some advice or ideas and are getting a getting tired of spending hours searching the internet for information about how to make mealtimes a happier experience then take a look at what Play with food has to offer.


Note **I was given the Skype session and resources to review and as compensation for this blog post. All opinions are my own and the enjoyable mealtime experiences are a credit to the wonderful Play with Food Skype session and Happy Meals e course resources.