Play with Food – Meet Simone

I have always held a fascination for meeting and knowing more about the face behind a business. What inspired them to start their business and where do their ideas come from. It may be why I am a teacher but I also really admire people who use their skills to help others and pursue their dreams. That is why I am very excited to share with you, my first Spotlight on guest to kick of what will be a monthly feature here.

Mealtime struggles are a regular event for many families. I have many friends who would have embraced a service that could have given them some feedback and advice on their child’s eating habits. I shared my experience with Simone’s Play with Food Skype Consult + Happy Mealtimes eCourse Package here which I recommend to anyone who is experiencing food struggles with their child or is just looking for more information and advice.

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I love food, variety and playful activities with my children. I started Play with Food as a way to showcase different fruits and vegetables in an interesting way for children to learn about. Learning to eat is a full on sensory journey. There are sounds, colours, textures, smells, feels and temperatures to learn about. My approach is to increase a child’s food familiarity before focusing on what goes in the mouth. I love how fluid the learning process is and that eating is so far from “pass / fail”. Learning to eat is something I find TOTALLY FASCINATING.

pursuing my dream to run Play with Food has led me on a huge education journey as I took on SOS Feeding Therapy training in 2013 to compliment my children’s nutrition and food technology background. I have loved working with some brilliant minds in the feeding space and finding my creative voice via my blog. Food and nutrition science can be, let’s face it, a bit boring. So, I hope my blog brings it more to life for people. Yet, it’s the how of meals that intrigues me the most. How we approach feeding our kids is key to their acceptance of the foods. How they feel. How we feel. How our bodies work. How our senses respond. How we move food into and around our mouths. How we react. How we draw battle-lines. How we reset. How we converse about food. How we respond to our internal hunger and full cues. How we want our kids to eat. How we nourish our bodies.

My 2 mess-makers are my big inspiration for running the blog. They fascinate me everyday. I also work part-time in a feeding clinic with problem feeders and that is a humbling, satisfying and amazing learning experience in itself. My favourite quote is “there is always something to be grateful for” and at this stage of my life, I think gratitude is overflowing.


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