First Day of Kindy

It’s been a while. Okay, in fact it has been 14 years since I dropped our Second youngest off to kindy for the first time. I still remember all the feelings which were a combination of excitement for her and sadness for me. It was the same except with a huge difference. I know for sure that this will be the last of many firsts.

How lucky am I that I get to have this journey again. Today as I walked her through the gates with her sister, I felt my heart skip a beat and took a mental picture in my mind to hold onto.

Everything was just as I had pictured it to be, a combination of nervousness from unfamiliar territory and excitement for this new adventure, until the time came for us to leave her.
The tears then flowed and the choice was made for her sister to stay a bit longer to settle her in.

The tears lasted only a short time (our girls that is) but mine lasted as I drove to work. I have been the teacher watching parents drop off their children on their first day of school. Watching them linger and wait until the last possible second to leave.
Today I was the parent and wanted to linger and be a fly on the wall to watch her settle in and make new friends..

How wonderful it was at the end of the day to hear our girl chat about her first day at Kindy and hear her tell us that although she was scared at the start of the day she made friends and had fun.

Jules x