Spotlight on : Teacher_Types

If you have young children and have searched the internet for ideas to keep your kids occupied , are an Early childhood teacher or were just looking for great kids products then you will more than likely have come across Teacher_Types. As busy parents So much of our ideas and inspiration is taken from the fantastic articles that Bloggers post , but we rarely get to know more about the people who spend their time gifting us with magical time saving tips.

So as Barney from; How I met your Mother would say , Have you met Lauren ?

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren, mother of two (Miss M and Little Man), teacher of little people (part time that is) and blogger at I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I absolutely love it! I blog about early learning activity ideas plus parenting stories and have established a beautiful community that is growing daily. We live in the amazing city of Adelaide and love eating out (yes with the kids!), swimming and spending time together as a family of 4.

5 things people don’t know about me
• I was a very fussy eater as a child (VERY fussy. Like my mum would scrape off all the pizza toppings so I
could eat it plain, and I would only eat hot chips at a restaurant until I was a teenager).
• When we first got mobile phones in Year 12 (2000) my best friend and I used to spend all day texting each other
quotes from The Simpsons.
• I used to be a dancer, and then a dance teacher, and then a member of several different gyms. I love the Les
Mills body jam classes when I get to dance like I’m 18 again! I actually almost get teary when certain songs come
• I’ve had two caesarean, laser eye surgery and my tonsils out but have never broken a bone.
• I am so addicted to Instagram that my phone battery does not last a full day.

MY best blog post

Ok am I allowed to share my most popular and my personal fave?
My most popular post was all about differentiating between Montessori. Reggio Emilia and Waldorf educational practices and it went nuts! Seems like a lot of people were interested in knowing what makes each of them different. Montessori,Reggio, Waldorf ? let us explain….
My favourite post is one I wrote early last year about becoming a mother of two. It was rather open and honest and different from what I normally write – but I got some wonderful feedback from it ;

Best thing about being a Mum

That you are their whole world. They look at you with the love heart eyes. They don’t want anyone else (although sometimes this is really annoying and you just want your personal space). They trust you. They smile when they see you. And that hug you get when you pick them up from child care is the best hug in the world.

5 items that can be found in my handbag

• My 3 year olds headband
• Hand cream
• Party poppers
• Baby wipes
• Scrunched up receipts
(Rather random and not very interesting lol!)