Mothers Intuition saved our Daughter

They say time flies by when you are having fun. For me this describes what it has been like being a Mum. One moment there is a perfect tiny hand holding your finger so tightly and the next your baby is holding the hand of their first love. Tomorrow we celebrate 19 years of love and life with our second youngest girl. I will always be eternally grateful for never losing faith and trusting my instinct that I would hold her in my arms even when the odds didn’t look great.

A child conceived after losing another is a blessing but there is a sense of being on edge and disbelief that this baby with stay earth side. Only 3 months after losing our baby (4 months into pregnancy) we were blessed to discover that I was pregnant. We were careful to keep it to ourselves and not to tell people to early but severe morning sickness that resulted in hospitalisation and bleeding at 12 weeks took that out of our hands.
After IV fluids and rest all was well and I was sent home only to frantically phone my husband to rush me to hospital with bleeding and cramps.

On arrival we were greeted by the emergency Dr, who after asking questions checked for a heartbeat.
“I am sorry but there is no heartbeat, I know it is very sad but you already have 3 healthy children”.
I am not sure if this doctor had skipped the lectures during his training on how to be compassionate but it only became worse when he insisted in the next sentence on organising surgery for the next morning to remove any remaining tissue in my uterus. At this moment I believe my husband asked to please check again for a heartbeat but not in the calmest words. The only words I remember speaking were “Our baby is still alive, I know it”.

There are moments in life that seem to go on forever and the short wait to validate what I knew in my heart was one of them. The sounds that filled the air still hold a place in my dear memories. Our baby was a fighter and as parents we were going to do our best to help her grow strong and know that she was loved always.

29 weeks later after continuous severe sickness that lasted right up till the last month and being on light duties only (hubby had to take leave for duration) we welcomed our baby girl on Friday the 13th March.
Everything was as it should be. Tomorrow and every other year we as parents are here we will celebrate her strength and determination and I will forever be grateful that I trusted my intuition as a Mother.