Easter wishes & The Saxon dress

Can someone slow down the clock!
It seemed like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas. Yet here we are celebrating Easter and it is the school holidays. This week I have been longing for those slower days and a simpler life.
When the most complicated thing was deciding whether to go for a bike ride with my friends or to listen to my favourite song on my tape deck.

Easter is one of my favourite celebrations. For me it is a reminder of how blessed I am. I love to use it as a time to reflect and give thanks for good things in my life and the trials.
As tough as they can seem at the time they are what shape and mould us into who we are.

My Easter celebrations will be spent with my loved ones and friends and I will be wearing this lovely new dress from Firefly a lot over the weekend. I have styled them with a pair of ankle boots but will also be wearing them with some pump heels over the weekend.





May your arms be full of love , your days be slow and relaxing , your mouth be sore from laughter and your weekend include some lovely treats.

Happy Easter 💕

Jules x

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